Predictive Selling

With our data-driven, predictive selling approach to lead generation, we are able to understand target customer behavior, affinity, and context across channels in a single data repository in aggregate and by individual lead.  Using this deep understanding, ABL is able to connect with potential leads in a highly personalized way, building broader, more meaningful relationships, and engage with them more effectively, with the right content, at the right time, in the right way, and ultimately, move past the “sales process” to a conversation about the “buying process”.



Data-Driven Selling

We use data mining tools, databases, email and web tracking tools, and more to profile a potential buyer and predict the probability of success:  information which directly feeds sales strategy.

 Social Selling

By leveraging a vast array of social media analytics and tools, our touch points with potential clients are now incremental instead of one or two-dimensional.  

 Predictive Selling

With profiling data about each target at our fingertips, we are able to connect with prospects at the right time in their buyer journey, with the message most likely to resonate with them at that time. 


Scalable staffing, increased results, and quicker time to market: read more about how our sales-as-a-service model can help your company increase revenue.

Intelligent Selling:  
Data-Driven Sales-as-a-Service
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