ABL Technology Group is a sales-as-a-service organization bringing sales optimization to the 21st century.


Founded in 2008, ABL Technology Group specializes in the needs of B2B technology companies, especially those in the early stages of growth, who typically have limited resources to hire a full team, yet have the most risk if the sales function does not perform.  To staff and train a sales force is time-consuming and expensive, and many start-ups need help not only with selling and marketing, but also with developing a sales model before they scale.  


We help our clients to develop and execute a repeatable and effective sales model that will catapult them to success.  We can offer everything from assistance on a specific sales project or function to acting as the client’s full-time sales force, assisting with the sales process from beginning to end, allowing clients to augment their sales force without adding fixed cost.  With our data-driven, social selling approach, we help our clients not only to sell, but also to define WHO their clients are and HOW to sell to them.  





Intelligent Selling:  
Data-Driven Sales-as-a-Service
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