Our Approach


ABL offers a unique approach to the lead generation and sales optimization services typically offered in the market. These solutions are either too narrowly defined (you give us the list, we dial for dollars) or they apply a generic strategy not suitable for B2B companies who are selling complex technology products and solutions. ABL’s services are different.  ABL Technology Group is a sales-as-a-service organization bringing lead generation into the 21st century.  Our intelligent selling process consists of several key components that result in high-quality leads and new revenue for our clients.   

How it Works


Profile:  We develop detailed profiles of the ideal target buyers and of each specific lead, including behavioral analysis of all key milestones in the path to purchase.  Armed with this knowledge, we can tailor our sales approach and content so that it is relevant to potential buyers based upon their roles, industries, needs and interests and stage of the buying process.

Analyze:  We analyze data to build a list of leads matching the ideal profile. Our sources include:

  • Social intelligence including social media profiles and engagement patterns

  • Public information related to target companies and individuals, including static data such as company profiles and current news that impacts the particular industry or company

  • Phone behavior patterns of similar lead profiles

Connect:  We use traditional methods to uncover opportunities such as calling and e-mailing, but we don’t stop there.  We also reach out to prospects on a variety of levels in each social network to establish familiarity and second connections that enable us to make warm introductions.  By leveraging the vast array of social media analytics and tools on the market and connecting with prospects using multiple touch points, we create relationships with potential clients that are incremental instead of one or two-dimensional.

Nurture:  Through continued analysis of lead interaction history and target behavior, we are able to monitor our relationship with each lead and conduct follow-up outreach at the most appropriate time, with the most effective message, using the optimal channel.  We continuously “warm up” leads until they are in a proposal-ready state for our clients.  

Intelligent Selling:  
Data-Driven Sales-as-a-Service
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