What is Sales-as-a-Service?

Sales-as-a-Service, or SLAAS, is a concept pioneered by ABL Technology Group.  It combines the common practice of outsourcing a single component of the sales process (e.g. inside sales) with the ability to extend your sales force on an as-needed basis, without having to hire full-time employees.  Many companies have followed a similar model to outsource their IT staff, now with ABL Technology Group’s SLAAS model; you can do the same with your sales department.  



Quicker Time to Market:  With ABL Technology Group SLAAS model, you can leverage our experience, contacts & skilled sales team to get your product or service to market NOW.  We guarantee that we can get you to market nationwide in just 60 days.


Scalable Staffing:   SLAAS enables your company to use only the resources you need, at the time you need them, and to scale up and down on a moment’s notice.  As new companies iterate on their product or service, their sales needs are constantly changing.

SLAAS gives companies a way to manage these changes in resource needs without the headaches of hiring & firing. 

Lower Overhead:  Because you are not hiring full-time employees, you have no laptops to buy, office space to allocate, or additional costs to add to your benefit plans.  



Increased Productivity: With SLAAS, management does not need to spin its wheels attempting to recruit and train the perfect sales team.  Outsourcing the process enables you to save that time and get your sales initiatives launched quickly.  




Better Sales Coverage:  For just a fraction of the cost of hiring one full-time salesperson, SLAAS gives you access to an entire team, extending your geographical reach and expanding your prospect contact base with limited ramp-up time.  

Intelligent Selling:  
Data-Driven Sales-as-a-Service
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